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It All Starts with the Mind
July 14, 2016|Lets get Healthy

It All Starts with the Mind

It All Starts with the Mind

Which is more important: ‘what we believe’ or ‘what we do’?

Whether it is health or sickness, it doesn’t matter what we do? What matters is that what we believe is basically what our mind believes. Mahatria says, “The mind of the man is the man”. Scientific studies of the mind-body connection reveal that the mental states are reflected immediately in your biochemistry – the chemical messaging system that controls how our body functions. If you don’t work on the mind, neither can you cure diseases nor can you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Could depression have a link with nutrition?

Recent research suggests that depression may be caused by inflammation in the brain as a direct result of an imbalanced diet. In fact, some psychiatrists are treating depression successfully by getting their patients to increase their intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Is there a link between our emotions and acne?

Psychodermatology is a field of medicine that is based on the evidence that our emotional states affect our skin directly. So, does this mean that your stubborn acne might be better managed by altering your emotions? Yes, it does. Not only your skin, but evidence is springing up on how your emotions are responsible for healing or preventing even critical illnesses such as coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Are body and mind distinct factors?

When the body doesn’t feel like doing anything, when you feel lazy, the mind can do nothing except agreeing with the fussy, finicky body and just quit. Your mind is too weak to oppose.While it should be mind over body, the unfortunate scenario is body over mind. As a result, you end up being obese and issues grow in life. Change your mindset and you will find yourself waking up at the given time. Everything starts with the mind and then manifests in your physical being.

Do you know that with a happy mindset eating cheese burgers are good?

You and I are not just the body or mind or soul. We are an integrated whole. The mind, the body and the soul are terms that only describe the various dimensions of an individual and his life’s experiences. That means the person who has a generally relaxed and optimistic outlook and eats cheeseburgers every day has a better chance of staying healthy and living a long life than the tense, pessimist who rigidly avoids consuming fat and runs four miles a day. But that does not excuse you to have cheeseburgers everyday! Always remember, moderation is the key.

Do you understand the connection between the body and the mind? If not, just wait with a few more right questions with the right mindset…Mahatria says, “Even if you don’t have all the answers now, do you have right questions; right answers will come shortly.”

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