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Eating sensibly
July 6, 2016|Lets get Healthy

Eating sensibly

Eating sensibly

Are you eating sensibly?

Mahatria would so often say, “It is not about how you look, but it is about how you look at yourself. What you are is more important than how you look.”

Model: I am on diet to reduce weight. So I eat only once.

Friend: But is it good for the body?

Model: All that I don’t know. All I know is I am reducing my weight.

Undereating is the single most common dieting mistake. We know that we need to eat less in order to lose weight. So the less we eat, the more weight we lose, right? Wrong! This may seem logical, but the body has certain nutritional needs that must be met in order to function properly.

If we deprive the body of the vital nutrition it needs, it is not going to reward us by being a fat-burning machine. It’s going to instead shut down and store fat until we give it what it needs.

Elmer Rice said it so beautifully, “If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible, it would have put them on the outside of our body.”

Listen to your body. Signs that you might not be eating enough can include sagging skin, parched skin, chipped nails, hair loss, leg cramps, insomnia, stretch marks, bad breath and being tired too often. Yeah don’t starve. No more undereating. Eat, and eat sensibly.

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