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It’s About You and Me
June 29, 2016|Lets get Healthy

It’s About You and Me

It’s About You and Me

No human body is perfect. There is nothing called ideal health. There is no perfect method to health. It is by trial and error. Every body is unique. Hence, the method to health and well-being for every individual is individualistic.

Steve: I am very excited about seeing you John. How come you have lost 10 kg in two months?

John: I have recently joined a gym, taken a personal trainer, working out every day and also follow a diet plan. Health and fitness has become the mantra of my day.

Steve: It is fantastic. I guess I too should join. I will lose 10 kg too.

Inspired by John, our friend Steve joins a fitness studio. He carried new track pants, new sneakers, new water bottle and a new gym bag on his first day to the gym. But how long? The John-factor drew Steve to the gym for 15 days and then he was back to snoring up till 9 a.m. It is only in anticipation of such low motivational levels gyms collect annual membership. I know many can relate themselves with this scenario.

“It worked for my friend, so it will work for me,” is a false trap we all get into. This is just a misleading notion. If a diet plan works well for a friend, we want to give it a try. It is important to keep in mind that you and your friend have completely different bodies and unique needs. While your friend lost 10 kg due to him following a fitness regimen and diet plan, you may not lose any. There are dozens of personal factors that can affect what is going to work for you in terms of weight loss. A few of these include how you are currently eating, past dieting history, body type, health background, medications, hereditary factors and lifestyle.

Any commitment of a lifetime is painful, and health is a lifetime commitment. However, the longer you keep doing it, the less painful it becomes. Probably, it will never become completely easy and fun. You will always be tempted to slack or sleep. Instead of comparing yourself with others, you need to work on your personal motivation levels. You need to find ways to stay on track for the rest of your life; else, the consequences will be more painful than the pain of discipline. So, tonight before you go to sleep, remember, ‘Wake up’.

Long-term success in any endeavour is about mastering the self-improvement process. It is not about what you do on perfect days, but it is about how you cope up with the imperfect days. It is not about how many calories you ate or how many you burnt today, but it is about staying on track. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon race. There will be good days and bad days, but if you stay on track, the good days will eventually predominate. Either don’t start or if you do, then stay on track whatsoever.

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