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Is your heart in safe hands?
June 22, 2016|Lets get Healthy

Is your heart in safe hands?

Is your heart in safe hands?

He is a living example of how a person can lead a stress-free life and maintain his heart healthy.  Meet the compassionate and healthy hearted cardiologist Dr. N Sivakadaksham, who gives various tips to live a healthy life.

This doctor has time for everything.  He is so dynamic, so energetic and so enthusiastic and the way he climbs up and down the flight of stairs, you will be glad to be in the presence of someone who practises everything he preaches.  Dr. N Sivakadaksham is a consultant cardiologist in Chennai.  Let’s know what it takes to be a healthy hearted human being.

Is heart disease a disease of lifestyle?

Most cardiovascular problems are diseases caused by lifestyle and not due to inevitable fate.  That’s why high blood pressure is termed a lifestyle disease.  You can easily cut down the risk factors by modifying your lifestyle.  The very fact that heart attacks in rural India are 3% and in urban India is 11-12% shows that it’s more a lifestyle disease.  More and more young people are prone to heart diseases due to stress at workplace, competition and urbanisation.  Minor changes in daily eating patterns and changes in lifestyle are sure to bring a turnaround in your health.  Heart attacks are more common with the affluent than in poorer sections of the society.  This is attributed to the richer diet and lack of physical activity.  Poor eating habits, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, intake of high-fat diet without doing any exercises and stressful living form part of unhealthy lifestyle and are the major causes for cardiovascular diseases.  Even if the diet is healthy, unless regular exercise is performed, the blood circulation in the body will slow down.

What are some of the lifestyle modifications a person can do to improve the condition of his heart?

Every person is unique and the same is true of hearts too.  The degree of ageing of the heart varies from person to person depending upon hereditary factors, gender and also how well the heart has been cared for.  A few lifestyle modifications can improve the condition of our heart.  Remember, it’s never too late to develop healthy habits.

  • Our body requires six hours of sleep.
  • Regular health check-up after 35 years of age.
  • Swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, aerobics and brisk walking works on your heart.  All physical activity adds up to a healthier heart.
  • No to alcohol and tobacco in any form.
  • Select oil with more PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids, e.g., sunflower oil, safflower oil, gingelly oil).  Reduce intake of ghee, butter and cheese in your diet.
  • Reduce intake of salt.
  • Take more of fruits and vegetables.  They are heart-friendly.
  • Enjoy life and have leisure time and fun activities.
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