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One day in the 1960s…
June 6, 2016|Lets get Healthy

One day in the 1960s…

One day in the 1960s…

Aerobics is one of the best forms of exercises to keep one, especially women, fit.  This lady has done a great job in teaching aerobics and in creating aerobic instructors for over four decades.  Meet the pioneer in the industry – Stina Vasu.

“Small beginning, incremental improvement, monumental changes” – Mahatria.

She radiates health.  She exudes contagious enthusiasm.  Her zest for life is infectious.  She looks forward to the tomorrows of her life with childlike exuberance.  She walks spine erect, sturdy and tall – 5 feet and 10 inches.  If path breakers are pathfinders, then you have no choice but to enlist her name in that list.  She started a health revolution in Chennai about 49 years ago…  In Chennai, aerobics and Stina Vasu are synonymous.

Aerobics should have been a culture shock in Chennai at that point of time (1960s)?

In the beginning, it was very difficult to tell women why they need to take care of their body.  People were shocked; especially because my centre was for women.  For the women of Chennai, life began with their husband, in-laws, children and it ended with them.  Women, who would not even go out alone, were beginning to come out of their four walls.  With time, when they saw results, the group sizes increased.  I was also beginning to witness many women who were lying low in life gaining confidence and becoming much more assertive about themselves.  It was a beautiful experience working with them and seeing these gradual changes.  The news of the classes spread by word of mouth and many joined thereafter.  People felt secure sending their daughters and the women of the family to me.  What started as a culture shock became a revolution of its own sort – not only in terms of health but also in the outlook women developed towards life.

Why there are so many health issues in the world?

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the primary reasons.  Sometimes, the solutions can be very simple.  All of us need to ask ourselves a simple, but important, question, “Why are we eating the wrong food at the wrong time?”  When we realise that exercises are not only good for the body, but also for the mind and overall well-being, it does not take long to see the results.  Exercise and healthy eating habits are of greater importance with growing old.  Considering most elderly couples living independently today, it is even more essential to maintain a disease-free life for one’s own happiness and peace.  It’s sad to see in the airport, especially in India, where 20 wheelchairs are already waiting.  With medical advancement, we are living longer.  We have to commit ourselves to regular exercises and good eating habits.





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