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Why home-made food?
May 25, 2016|Lets get Healthy

Why home-made food?

Why home-made food?

Health is not bought, but it is cooked and served with love.

1. Eating home-made food has numerous health benefits, but more importantly, it gives you the option of what ingredients you decide to use or omit in your meals.

2. When you cook at home, you can keep your foods natural and whole.

3. If you have special dietary needs such as limitations on salt intake, you can make dishes that suit your health needs. You don’t have to fret if the dining establishments have a low-fat dish or if there is any extra sugar used in a meal.

4. One of the reasons most people have gained weight is due to the portions that many dining restaurants serve you. They are much larger than necessary.

5. People who eat home cooked meals are known to be more energetic and healthier.

6. There is always this question about the makers of pre-cooked food, bought from the market, on their food-handling standards, their employees’ personal hygiene, nutritional value that they add, etc.

7. When we cook at home we make sure that the raw grains are thoroughly washed and drained which to a large extent removes the artificial color and the pesticides in them.  When we eat food in restaurants, we don’t know whether these precautions have been taken.  This could rise to smouldering intestinal infections and gastric ulcers in the long run.

8. Though traditional methods of cooking cannot be brought back, traditional utensils can be used for cooking. Earthen utensils cook rotis, dals, vegetables and sambhar in low heat.  Cooking in low heat has many health benefits, whereby the delicate vitamins like the B-complex don’t get destroyed and are preserved.

9. Traditional drinks like buttermilk, coconut water and lemon juice provide many health benefits and nutrients. You don’t get these benefits when you consume drinks packed in bottles or tetra packs.

10. Surviving on outside food is not only quite expensive compared to eating home food but also not ideal for a health-conscious society. It can take and it has already taken a toll on our health.  Diseases can sprout from unknown directions.

11. At home, we let the flour rise through natural mechanisms which add to the nutrient value and vitamin content of the flour (while making idlis, pakodas and other food items which require the flour to rise).  In ready-to-eat foods and junk foods, they use rising salts like baking soda which are oxidants and have the potential for causing cancer in the long run.

12. Fresh food is richer in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients when compared to preserved and packaged food sold commercially.  Fresh green chutneys ensure much nutrition through antioxidants, many other micronutrients and vitamins.

13. Chutneys can be a source of infection when the raw ingredients are not adequately cleaned or washed.  Many of the chutneys bought from shops have preservatives, which are very harmful as they contain extra salt and are also oxidants, which are carcinogenic.

14. Also fresh, home-ground ginger paste is healthy, whereas using the ready-made paste is harmful, as it has preservatives and salt; in the process of preserving, many of the vitamins get destroyed.

15. One of the factors is that we have no control on what kind of oil is being used in hotel food.  Probably, the oil might have become rancid.  On the other hand, the oil we use at home is what we think is healthy and we can keep changing different oils.

16. Daily cooking in the house allows us to have variety.  Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables get consumed.  These prevent diseases, put us in tune with nature and improve longevity and immunity.


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