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We Owe Them Our Breath…
March 26, 2016|The Trees

We Owe Them Our Breath…

We Owe Them Our Breath…

We owe the pure air we breathe to these lungs of the earth. Trees play a vital role in purifying the air and restoring oxygen into the earth’s atmosphere. Just as our lungs do for us…

Oh yes! We do…  Trees are rightly called the ‘Lungs of the Earth’!

Just as our lungs play a vital role in sustaining our breath by absorbing carbon dioxide from the blood and infusing it with oxygen, trees function as the lungs of the earth, essentially inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.

Trees also intercept airborne particles, reduce heat and absorb pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Therefore, forests act as enormous filters for purging the air of its impurities.

At an average, it takes 10 years for a tree to reach its most productive stage of carbon storage, and at that point, it absorbs around 48 pounds of CO2 annually and releases as much oxygen back into the atmosphere as will be sufficient to support 2 human beings.

This could be alarming taking into consideration the diminishing rate of forests and the increasing rate of human population and consumption. Today, we have only around 3 trillion trees, which is almost half the number of trees that existed on this planet. These existing trees populate more densely in the tropical and subtropical regions.

As we cannot do away with the consumption of trees and their products, replacing new trees is important for the survival of any life form that breathes, in fact, the survival of Mother Earth herself…

Let’s endeavour to restore to Nature its verdant vibrancy one breath at a time…


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