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Heart Tip for Every Age
March 22, 2016|Lets get Healthy

Heart Tip for Every Age

Heart Tip for Every Age

Heart never takes rest.  If it rests, then we will have to rest permanently.  Let’s take care of our heart.  Life style changes are the key for a healthy heart.

Children, get those little hearts moving:  The heart is essentially a muscle (a little larger than the fist).  Get those little hearts moving.  Encourage kids to move around, swim, jump, run – it will exercise the heart muscle and strengthen it.  

In the 20s, commit to healthy habits:  Most people who smoke started the habit in their teens.  Instead, let healthy habits start early in life…  So, commit to regular exercise and back it up with smart eating.  Your heart is the powerhouse of the body; it pushes oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to every cell that needs it.  The heart is basically a muscle, but it is the most important muscle we have – and it needs exercise.

In the 30s, bring in some lifestyle changes:  High blood pressure and high cholesterol often show up during the 30s.  Now it is also time to identify lifestyle changes you need to make.  Become health conscious and be sure that you add more healthy food to your diet.

In the 40s, don’t let your busy life sideline good habits:  By the 40s, most people are busy-busy with their hunger for success.  Exercise and healthy eating may fall victim to time, if you don’t make it a point to give your health top priority.  Get yourself examined on a periodical basis.  If you have not exercised till date, a gradual and systematic approach will help you minimise the risks and maximise the benefits.

In the 50s, know your numbers:  One big eye-opener in the 50s is the incredible amount of medication doctors prescribe.  This is the time when you need to truly take ownership of your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Commitment towards your health and exercise must be the first priority.

In the 60s (and beyond), stay ahead of developing heart issues:  Cardiovascular diseases typically take decades to strike with full intensity.  Symptoms such as gasping for breath may show up.  The 60s are the most likely decade to see a first clear manifestation of heart disease.  So, pain or any other symptom needs to be taken seriously.  Don’t wait… act immediately.

Tip for any time and all times: Stay active.  If you are active now, keep up the good work.  If you are not active, explore your exercise options and look into your diet and start now.

Take good care of your heart, your first Valentine… your only companion from womb to tomb.

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