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As Old As You Think…
March 15, 2016|Lets get Healthy

As Old As You Think…

As Old As You Think…

‘ To grow old is in the hands of God, but to stay young is a human skill. ’  – Croatian Proverb.

Age does funny things to people. Simply put, hair grows where you don’t want it – hairy ears and hairy nostrils, and it stops growing where you want it. Add to that the dry and wrinkled skin, trembling hands, slow movements – you now have a piece of art. Either you are aged or you are ageing, or you will age.

Yogis believed in psychological age. It is mind over matter. When the mind commands the body, body responds to it to an astounding degree. We cannot stop the ageing process; we can definitely control the rate at which we age. We can add years to our lives and remain the way we look.

If you want to know the practical way to live a long, happy and healthy life, then you must learn it from people who live it. Shirali was born in March 1805 and died in September 1973. For 150 years, he worked as a herder and walked 10 to 15 kilometres with his sheep every day. He had only spring water and, in the last years of his life had only herb tea, cheese, fruit, vegetables and honey. In January 1973, he had a medical examination done: 161 centimetres tall, 56 kilograms, pulse rate of 76 strokes per minute, blood pressure of 110/60. He described his keys for a long, healthy and happy life as, ‘Eat plain food. Eat plain. Keep your legs and arms moving every day to ensure good blood circulation. Rise early and don’t stay up too late at night. Enjoy friends and family. Be generous to all and never be nervous about anybody. Take care of your health and that of others.’ Living a good life is more important than observing any special rules to be old. Shirali did not drink alcohol, neither smoked nor overate. He used to say, “One should always work. Being idle makes you lazy, and laziness causes death.”

Ageing is all in the mind. If your thoughts have aged, it’s just the question of time when it would show up on the body. How long and how well you live is with you and within your mind. If you put only days into your life, you age. Instead, put life into your days, and you will keep growing and slow down ageing.

As Mahatria says, “When life is giving you Most & more, simply celebrate the flow”… Put pause button to ageing and cherish Most & more days on this Bluetiful world…

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