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My health is my responsibility
February 23, 2016|Lets get Healthy

My health is my responsibility

My health is my responsibility


I am feeling the importance of health.
I am becoming healthier with every passing day/year.
I am recognising my body as a temple of God.
With every passing year, I am growing younger.
I love myself, I love my body and I see my fat disappearing.
My metabolism is getting boosted day by day.
I am learning to say ‘no’ to wrong food.

Do you know each and every cell in our body has an intelligence of its own? Do you know, with an attitude of reverence and respect that they deserve, your body will heal itself naturally, regardless of what ails it? This will begin only when your thoughts towards your health change. Let 2016 be a year where you hold yourself responsible for your health. Think health. Feel health and with time you will embrace good health. We may have been born unhealthy, but we can certainly live a healthy life. We were not born with positive thoughts, but we can certainly change our thought patterns. One needs to treat his body as a friend and listen to what it needs.


Physical activity is the need for the hour. While so many people start off with exercise as a New Year resolution, rarely do they keep it going. For most people it starts as a resolution and ends in lethargy. Make exercise a habit for a lifetime. Exercise can decrease stress hormone like cortisol and increase endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals, which give your mood a natural boost. Whether it’s running, jogging,swimming or playing some sport, it has a positive impact on health. Amidst a lot of things that may have a negative impact on your day, it acts as a positive counter force.

Exercise helps you look at life in a fresh way. The pent-up feelings get released through a dynamic activity. When you love exercising for good health, every cell in your body feels good and desires to exercise a lot more. When you associate pain to exercise, with time you will find yourself back to the old days of sleeping and every cell in the body begins to associate pain to exercise. The body, in many ways, is like a small child; it just wants to do a good job, be appreciated and loved. Would you ever tell a four-year-old child that she is no good and unlovable? Imagine your body as if it were a small child to whom your thoughts and words are directed every day. Let 2016 be a year where we associate pleasure to exercise.

For some people eating vegetables is very difficult, very painful. A few of them even say, “I have never liked them and I avoid them all the time.I think as long as you are active, it doesn’t matter what you eat.” Science has proven that each cell that makes up the body is an individual unit of intelligence. It is also proven that our individual cells are influenced, in both positive and negative ways, by our thoughts. As you age, your maturity keeps increasing, but your health keeps deteriorating. There is no point in beginning to eat vegetables after you’ve developed a health problem. There are no rewind options in life!! If you allow your childhood bias to keep you from eating vegetables, you are taking a big chance with your health. Give vegetables another chance and you will be glad for having done so!

I don’t know what your diet is right now, but if you’re eating mostly junk food, then vegetables will probably not taste good at all. You will be surprised to know that what tasted terrible at one point can taste really good at a later date, the more you train your palate! And the healthier your food is, the more your palate will change and the more you will become accustomed to eating vegetables.

As human beings, we need these foods to give the necessary nutrients. If you want to age gracefully, you will need to bring different colored vegetables in your diet. Sometimes going to vegetable market and observing what nature has in store for you can change the way you look at your body. When I fall sick and feel lousy, I am admitting that I have no control over what the individual cells of the body are doing. On the other hand when I control the cells of my body, my cells regain control over themselves. Once that happens, the whole network of cells begin the process of healing themselves naturally. Understanding how the cells of your body talk to you and what they are saying you can increase your levels of health and energy dramatically and make unwanted pain disappear from your life completely. With every passing day in 2016, let us program the importance of right food in the diet.

If your mind is constantly full of negative emotions relating to others or even to yourself, such as anger, jealousy, insecurity, rage, fear, impatience, frustration, then you are in a perpetual state of stress. This causes a hormone racing around your body, creating havoc. If you can permit yourself the time to switch off from all that stuff and relax your mind by focussing on deep breathing, then your brainwaves will change and slow down. In this different brain wave pattern you can reprogram your body by thinking about good things, progress, health, wealth, love and joy. The cells in your body also pick this message up and respond instantly. The more time you can invest on being in this constant state of joy, the better your cells will become, therefore making your body healthier.Your energy levels will rise because you are not wasting any of it, thinking about pointless things that don’t need to be counted in your life.

While we keep complaining too much about sickness and headache, little do we sit down and process health. Human body is a brilliant mechanism. It’s a system, which is beyond comprehension. Though millions of scientific studies are carried out as to what’s going on inside the human body, we are still far away from comprehending it completely. However, we can process health. We need to process well-being. Mahatria Ra says, “When we are conscious of our life, everything that is life positive expands and everything that is life negative shrinks.” So, when we become aware of our happiness, it expands. So, when you become aware of the well-being of your body, you will be surprised to know that your well-being keeps growing everyday and consequently pain and suffering keeps coming down. The more you enjoy your health, sooner than later you will find your body expressing the same through good health. Let 2016 be a year in which we have time to think health, feel health and talk health.

It’s never too late to get started on the journey of health. Sometimes, taking baby steps makes all the difference. We need to begin and it begins with a shift in our thoughts. There is good health deep within you and through various practices we are in touch with health. The more and more we process the thought ‘My health is my responsibility’, we become accountable for it. There are no magic pills to achieve good health. Good health calls for time, attention and lifestyle modifications.



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