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Make Health… Fun…
February 23, 2016|Lets get Healthy

Make Health… Fun…

Make Health… Fun…

Just listen to the interesting healthy conversation between little John and Mom. Make your little ones understand that food is fun. Make health fun. Make fun healthy.

Mom:  Hey John!  What happened?  Why do you look dejected?

John:  Mom!  Dad doesn’t want me to eat doughnuts or drink soft drinks.

Mom:  But…  You just ate doughnuts for lunch.  Why would you want it again?

John:  ‘Coz I love eating doughnuts.  You love salads, so you eat every day.  Who stops you from doing it, mom?

Mom:  No one, because it is healthy.

John:  How does a healthy choice in eating make a difference to our body?

Mom:  Healthy eating puts power into whatever you are doing, be it football, listening, talking or performing on the stage – it’s all too good when you have eaten well.  Nutrition is very important for everyone, but it is extremely crucial for growing children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development, factors which will have direct ties to their level of health as adults.

John:  But Mom… eating healthy foods aren’t boring sometimes?

Mom:  Today it is the mindset of many teenage children.  The moment their parents talk to them about good food, they consider it a waste of time and boring.  However, when they see the connection between good food and their well-being – physically and cognitively, they will realise the importance of good food.  For this to happen, parents need to set an example in the house.

John:  But have you seen the nutrients in fruits and vegetables?

Mom:  No, I haven’t seen the nutrients.  I haven’t seen the kind of reactions that happen inside a human body.  I haven’t seen the nutrients in the fruits.  However, scientific studies reveal that all plant foods have phytonutrients, meaning there are lots of nutrients inside them.  All you need to do is, after eating fruits and vegetables, observe the responses of your body.  Become aware of your moods and your performance after you have eaten them.  They will rejuvenate you.  So, eating these foods will build better health.

John:  How do I make health an integral part of my day?

Mom:  Food is fun.  Make health fun.  Make fun healthy.  Make celebrations healthy.  Add variety of foods and colours into your diet.  The more the variety of colours, the more vitamins and minerals you get.  Life should be about 80/20 rule, meaning 80% of the times try to eat the right food, the rainbow diet and nutritious food, and 20% of the time, don’t worry about it so much.

John:  What should be the right mind set I should hold on forever to be healthy?

Mom:  In the words of Mahatria, ‘I want to exercise, but…’  ‘I want to quit smoking, but…’  ‘I want to eat healthy food, but…’  ‘But’ is negation.  You are expressing a desire, and in the same breath, with a ‘But’, you are explaining why you are not able to or cannot do it.  This thought pattern would take you nowhere.  

‘I want to exercise, so…’  ‘I want to quit smoking, so…’  ‘I want to eat healthy food, so…’  ‘So’ is progression.  You are expressing a desire, and with the same heartbeat, with a ‘so’, you are directing your intelligence to find ways to make it happen.

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